Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Entertainment Randoms

It was bound to crossover at some point, if you don't want to read it, scuttle along :)

So it's award season, and if you don't know award season makes me oh so very happy. Even though it's mostly all politics, it's still fun for me. Following all the awards and nominations and predicting the winners. I shall do my yearly oscar predictions when nominations come out. Inglorious Basterds for the win!

Can I just say that Tila Tequila is a fucking idiot? Attention seeking chipmunk oshi.

How the hell am I 3 years older than Reggie Bush?

For anyone who watches the show "Hung", I really feel Thomas Jane was miscast. Aaron Eckhart would have been the perfect actor.

For anyone who has watched "September Issue". A documentary following Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, you should have spied Grace Coddington. A red and wild headed lady who used to be a former model and is now a creative editor. Her talent na die and you all know how I trip for talent. Her pictures are so bloody awesome.

It's amazing how Usher just fell off sha. These new batch of songs sound like someone trying hard to be cool. "Hey Daddy" is growing up on me sha.

I find Ke$ha annoying. Add Anna Kendrick to the list - she just seems unlikeable with her weird hairline and extra big teeth(sorry)

WTF is wrong with Heidi Montague (from the hills) why did this chic have 10 procedures in one day? Why did she pin her ears or have lipo or tuck her chin?? does she know what she looks like? why did the doctor perform the procedure? Why is she saying she wants more and claims she is not addicted to plastic surgery? smh

I am happy that Gabby Sidibe has really strong self confidence but for health reasons, I feel she should consider losing some weight. I saw a pic of her and she has no wrists sha.

Oh dear I saw Matt Leblanc the other day(Joey from friends) and Lisa Kudrow(phoebe from friends), they are old! which means we are old! lol

Helen Mirren is such a (G)MILF!

Everytime I see Martin Scorcese, I think of that blowfish that he was in that animated movie.

I think that's all I got. Have a lovely week till next time my lovelies. I feel like I should leave a song.I'm blank.


Kabi-Osi Edumare said...

1st....yay...let me go and re-read

Harry-Rami Itie said...


Kabi-Osi Edumare said...

Lol@ Reggie's age.
I love Keisha.**rolleyes**
We def Old.LWKMD.

CIL said...

That read like latin. I only recognized like 4 names.

Ms. Royal Reigns said...

I like awards season, too. Much more fun when the movies/music/TV shows that you enjoy are nominated, as well./What did Ms. Tila do THIS time?/I don't know why you're older than Reggie. I'm happy for him, though. Too bad the Colts are winning the game. Womp, womp./Usher done fell off. Now I gotta see him in the NBA All Star commercial, unnecessarily dancing. Boo! At least he made a classic album ("Confessions") before he started sucking./Don't care much for Ke$ha. And I think Ms. Kendrick is pretty./Heidi is a mess and a half. She's starving for attention and the masses feeding into it. Just ignore the bitch./ Gabby exudes confidence. It's fun to watch her with she does her interviews. But I do agree that she should lose some weight. Take a cue from Monique./All the Friends cast are hitting up there in age. And I'm sure all of them are wishing they had Courtney's career at the moment. I'm still rooting for Matthew./Helen is gorgeous! That's one (rare) white lady that's aging gracefully. Sandra Bullock is another one./Every time I look at Martin Scorcese, all I see are bifocals.

I'll leave you with a song:

Myne Whitman said...

Ms RR, wow, you stole every thing I had to say, LOL. But sha I agree with Taynement, when I saw MS at the GG awards, I was reminded of Shark Tale...

BTW, what is Jennifer Aniston doing these days?

neefemi said...

hey Daddy is my jam though - i don't know why too and yes i'm all for Sidibe losing weight - if i were a politician obesity will be my platform

LucidLilith said... i feel like i dont have to watch E!

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