Sunday, August 15, 2010


Entourage is a show that was conceived by Mark Wahlberg and is pseudo based on his life as he started in Hollywood. It's a show that's geared towards the male audience and is quite popular now since it debuted in 2004. I think of it as the male sex and the city and where girls try to identify what character they are in SATC, groups of guy friends try to assign which friend is to what character in Entourage. I am a fan of Entourage but I think it's time for the show to end.

I am a big believer in humans evolving and learning from life over the years and I just feel the characters are stuck in a rut and surely people that old can't still be that clueless. Besides E, the rest of them seem to be doing the same things over and over. Vince is still a pansy, dude doesn't even score as many chicks like he used to, Drama is still a whining drama queen, Turtle well I like Turtle but he is still the same and still their errand boy, Ari is still funny but is still yelling at everything. I should mention that i admit that I am usually turned off my older characters that don't learn from their mistakes, which is probably why I didn't like the movie, "It's complicated", I got turned off by "Weeds" ( I mean how long can a so called mother continue to be doe eyed and act all innocent while she is a drug dealer) and I might be headed there with "Californication". Let's even forget the evolving part, Entourage is just not as funny anymore, this season has been such a snoozefest, with the season premiere being the ultimate lullaby. And instead of dragging us through this painful downslope they should just end it.

I had this thought after watching the season premiere and even mentioned it to my friend and since then, they've decided the next season will be the last and then there will be a movie and I am in complete support of that! :)

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday, just thought I'd share.


ZeL said...

Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed week!

Dee O. said...

I've never watched this show, but I have heard so many good things about it. And after this description I think I'm going to have to watch it :)

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LucidLilith said...

As much as I agree with you...seriously...if these shows end, what the heck would we be watching?????????? There is nothing on tv ... so we are stuck with the 4 ungrownup boys of entourage; the doe-eyes Mary Loiuse Parker whose son Sean Botwin is a serial killer in the making; and as for 'its complicate' at least older actors have work.

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