Sunday, May 30, 2010

Review, Previews and a Song.

So I took myself to go see Sex and the City 2 and was pleasantly surprised. I totally expected it to suck but surprise, surprise I liked it. I know my friends think I am a harsh critic when it comes to movies but I don't think I am that bad, the thing about movies also is you kinda have to know what you are expecting and the type of movie it is. Anyways, I digress. Well when the movie started I was nitpicking it and I think part of the reason was my expectation. I was groaning at the corny one liners and jokes and I dunno..their synergy just seemed forced. But after a while I relaxed and I remembered that SATC has always had the corny one liners/jokers. I have to say Samantha had the best lines in this movie and Kim Catrall's body was on point. Charlotte is still hella annoying and my Miranda(my fav character) is still same ol' Miranda. The girls were looking cute but I have to say it was a lil uncomfortable seeing the telltale signs of aging on their faces. I have never been a fan of BIG, but he was quite likeable in this movie, I really HATE that he calls her Kid(do), it really grates on my nerves.Oh and I kept wondering why he was overtanned. Liza Minnelli's version of "Single Ladies"(men, Beyonce is in the history books for life with this song and the video) was fun to watch. Anyone peep the Africans in the karaoke scene? Ok, I know this isn't much of a review but I am having a hard time thinking of how to review it without giving it away but I will try. SATC is a romantic comedy, for me VERY FEW rom coms come without corniness. Yes it lost it's way a few times and at first it felt like they weren't comfortable with each other but they each fell into place as time went on. I really liked how they balanced the lightness and the seriousness. Carrie's scene with Charlotte talking about her marriage to BIG was my favorite, as well as Charlotte and Miranda's scene - it just showed how we humans are never satisfied. It would have been nice for a little more insight into Miranda and Steve's life and how they coped after the cheating but I figure they wanted to focus on Carrie and Big. For people who are like me and think friendship is a big deal, I like how this was also emphasized in the movie. It's not a serious movie and don't expect to go in and get a perfect movie but overall I enjoyed it and thought it was good. Not well done but enjoyable none the less.


Before the movie comes you must endure the previews:

KNIGHT AND DAY : Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Two people I am not fans of. Looked like a cross between Mission Impossible and *insert any gbam gbam movie where the leads inevitably make out*..Doubt I will be seeing that. I have to say Tom Cruise is a charming man.

CHARLIE ST CLOUD : Zac Efron is such a cutie. Looks like he is branching out. A movie about a boy who is in an accident with his little brother, who gets killed.yada yada yada. Won't be watching.

EAT.PRAY.LOVE : Everyone must have heard about this. Movie with Julia Roberts about the true life story of a lady who travels to three countries to find herself and reconnect with the world when she gets tired of her dissatisfaction with life. I am currently reading the book, still unsure if I will see the movie.

GOING THE DISTANCE: Drew Barrymore and boyfriend, Justin Long star in a movie about two people who wanted to keep it light but end up falling for each other, except she had to move and they decide to have a long distance relationship ( and you know how that's taboo for Americans)

LIFE AS WE KNOW IT : Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. Guy and girl that had a disastrous first date. They were both named by a couple to be God parents to their kids if they died - which they did. Cue in laughter.

And a song...
I don't really like this song, I just like it because of the intro. I like listening to Bruno Mars' voice.

Travie McCoy ft Bruno Mars - Billionaire

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who Dat??

Yes oh, it's 50cents. He lost a bunch of weight in 9 weeks for a movie he is doing when his character gets cancer. At first I thought he had secretly been battling HIV, he looks emaciated for real. I don't know how this stars do it sha, they should come and teach me. They lose weight and gain weight at will.

Oh thanks for whoever nominated me for "best music blog". I am not quite sure if it's for this blog or not but either way thanks.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My current favorite songs

They could be old or new but these are the current songs that I really like.

Focus on the Sean Kingston part and ignore the Justin Beiber part.

Sean kingston and Justin Beiber - Eenie Meenie

Colbie Caillat - I never told you


This song is just beautiful
B.O.B - Don't let me fall

Just a fun song that ha sbeen out for a while
Michael Buble - Met you yet

One more B.O.B for the road
B.O.B - Ghost in the machine

Shontelle - Impossible

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Too Sexy or Not?

Ok before I post this video let me just say these kids are uber talented because what they did was not an easy something BUT let's not forget that they are 7 year olds. Do you think it is too sexy? On one hand, we can argue that they don't know what they are doing and are just dancing but I am sorry these girls seemed to be in touch with their sensuality way more than a 7 yr old should. So kiddos, what do y'all think, too sexy or not?


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hollywood TidBits

So apparently the list of cheaters continue to grow, the latest allegation (not confirmed) is Matt Lauer.

After 20 years, the original Law & Order is being taken off the air.

If you guys remember the white sister on Different Strokes - Dana Plato. She died of an overdose couple of years ago but tragically her 25 year old son just died from a self inflicted gun shot wound. May his soul rest in peace.

Sarah Silverman's show has been cancelled. Is this woman even funny or just crass?

Bombshell Mcgee says that "men are meant to spread their seed". No comment.

Krista won America's Top Model.

Big Mike got voted off American Idol.

If you remember Noemie Lenoir - she was the bald chick, Chris Rock was messing with in Rush Hour 3 and was the video girl in Usher's "Daddy's Home". She was found unconscious in a park from a suicide attempt. She took pills with alcohol. Wishing her speedy recovery.

So Chrisette Michelle cut her hair and it just seems to bring out her features, she looks very pretty.

Why I keep talking about this girl, I don't know but Heidi Montag from Hills fame has called a restraining order on her mom.

Kendra Wilkinson has a sex tape floating around.

That's all I got. I am signing you off with a gaga related video. It's been all over the net and he was on Ellen recently, this boy is just amazing. Have a good weekend!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reality Show Rundown

No secret. I watch a lot of TV. I watch a lot of reality TV. Mindless, Useless, BrainCellKilling reality shows and I love 'em. I figured I'd try to list the reality TV shows that I watch. I wanted to list the ones that are currently on the air but there are so many more off the air so I'll just list what I can.

Tough Love/Tough Love Couples: BFF is in love with Steve Ward. I think he is overdoing it with Tough Love Couples but I enjoy this show.

Tool Academy: Bunch of dickheads who found a way to have humans who agreed to be their girlfriends.

Flavor of Love/I Love NewYork/Rock of Love/Real Chance of Love/Daisy's Love/For the Love of Rayj - Indeed if it has love and on Vh1. Taynement watched it.

Real Housewives of O.C/NewYork/NewJersey/Atlanta - The childiest grownups I have ever seen in O.C/NewYork/NewJersey/Atlanta. Turn your head and you'll be sure to catch a catfight.

Top Chef/Top Chef Masters: One of the few classy reality shows, never a dull moment and it's just fun.

Millionaire Matchmaker: Loved this show at first but I couldn't take any more of Patti Stanger. I am grateful she removed the bangs.

The Hills/The City: I can't help myself. Still wonder why I watch The City though. Whitney is arguably one of the most boring people on earth.

Sidebar: I should have done this by tv station. It'd have been much easier.

Real World : Yes, 100million seasons in and 98% of the world stopped watching after Vegas but I still watch.

Real World/Road Rules : Pure entertainment and they are kinda awesome. The things they do aren't for the weak.

True Life : Compelling show. I had an idea to do a show like that in college, I turned on my tv and there my idea was on MTV. C'est La Vie.

Making the Band: Each.and.every.season, I watched. I do like me some diddy sha.

I want to work for Diddy: Diddy is a fool the way he turns confident people into blubbering idiots and I am here to laugh at them.

College Hill: Sigh..I try to support my people but they just..sigh...

Miami Ink/LA Ink: Miami Ink has the most talented tattoo artists mayne. I still think the chic in LA ink is overrated, shadowing or not.

King of Cars: Ha! I watched this show about a car dealership owner in Vegas.

Jon&Kate plus 8: Man, I used to watch this show and even before the whole demise of Jon&Kate, I had to stop watching the show. It was painful the way she talked to him.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: I dont know why I used to watch.

Intervention: One of the most powerful shows on TV. Watching people with an addiction and watching their loved ones suffer is just deep.

Dr 90210: Dr Rey is kinda off his rockers, don't you think?

Keeping up with the Kardashians/the miami one: It has Kim K

Pretty Wild : this is one of the worst shows on tv.

Celebrity Fit Club: Fat Celebrities..oops they are usually run down celebs. either way still fun to watch *smirks*

Run's House: This show warms my heart.

Flipping out: The dude reminds me of a fish with his lips. That's all I think about as I watch.

Kimora Life in the Fab Lane: I still watch to see how she and Djimon are together. i am still puzzled.

American Idol: This season sucks.

Tori and Dean: They're cute.Sue me

Dancing with the stars: every season I start.every season I stop about 3 episodes in.

Survivor: One of the best reality shows out there.

Amazing Race: one of the best reality shows out there.

Kendra - She keeps it real and its fun to watch

Whatever Lisa Raye's show is called - very weird woman

Brandy and RayJ family affair: Interesting stuff.

Basketball Wives: It's like a sister show to real housewives. Childish Women Aplenty.

What Chilli Wants: Interesting stuff.

Bad Girls Club : Craziness!

So I am leaving a lot out and I may or may not do a part 2. either way, share with me what reality shows you watch, do you see any you watch on the list?

Have a lovely week! :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Viva La World Cup...

38 days and counting and the players show their flags..and nothing else for Vanity Fair. Enjoy.

Drogba and Ronaldo (what a beautiful man)