Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reality Show Rundown

No secret. I watch a lot of TV. I watch a lot of reality TV. Mindless, Useless, BrainCellKilling reality shows and I love 'em. I figured I'd try to list the reality TV shows that I watch. I wanted to list the ones that are currently on the air but there are so many more off the air so I'll just list what I can.

Tough Love/Tough Love Couples: BFF is in love with Steve Ward. I think he is overdoing it with Tough Love Couples but I enjoy this show.

Tool Academy: Bunch of dickheads who found a way to have humans who agreed to be their girlfriends.

Flavor of Love/I Love NewYork/Rock of Love/Real Chance of Love/Daisy's Love/For the Love of Rayj - Indeed if it has love and on Vh1. Taynement watched it.

Real Housewives of O.C/NewYork/NewJersey/Atlanta - The childiest grownups I have ever seen in O.C/NewYork/NewJersey/Atlanta. Turn your head and you'll be sure to catch a catfight.

Top Chef/Top Chef Masters: One of the few classy reality shows, never a dull moment and it's just fun.

Millionaire Matchmaker: Loved this show at first but I couldn't take any more of Patti Stanger. I am grateful she removed the bangs.

The Hills/The City: I can't help myself. Still wonder why I watch The City though. Whitney is arguably one of the most boring people on earth.

Sidebar: I should have done this by tv station. It'd have been much easier.

Real World : Yes, 100million seasons in and 98% of the world stopped watching after Vegas but I still watch.

Real World/Road Rules : Pure entertainment and they are kinda awesome. The things they do aren't for the weak.

True Life : Compelling show. I had an idea to do a show like that in college, I turned on my tv and there my idea was on MTV. C'est La Vie.

Making the Band: Each.and.every.season, I watched. I do like me some diddy sha.

I want to work for Diddy: Diddy is a fool the way he turns confident people into blubbering idiots and I am here to laugh at them.

College Hill: Sigh..I try to support my people but they just..sigh...

Miami Ink/LA Ink: Miami Ink has the most talented tattoo artists mayne. I still think the chic in LA ink is overrated, shadowing or not.

King of Cars: Ha! I watched this show about a car dealership owner in Vegas.

Jon&Kate plus 8: Man, I used to watch this show and even before the whole demise of Jon&Kate, I had to stop watching the show. It was painful the way she talked to him.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: I dont know why I used to watch.

Intervention: One of the most powerful shows on TV. Watching people with an addiction and watching their loved ones suffer is just deep.

Dr 90210: Dr Rey is kinda off his rockers, don't you think?

Keeping up with the Kardashians/the miami one: It has Kim K

Pretty Wild : this is one of the worst shows on tv.

Celebrity Fit Club: Fat Celebrities..oops they are usually run down celebs. either way still fun to watch *smirks*

Run's House: This show warms my heart.

Flipping out: The dude reminds me of a fish with his lips. That's all I think about as I watch.

Kimora Life in the Fab Lane: I still watch to see how she and Djimon are together. i am still puzzled.

American Idol: This season sucks.

Tori and Dean: They're cute.Sue me

Dancing with the stars: every season I start.every season I stop about 3 episodes in.

Survivor: One of the best reality shows out there.

Amazing Race: one of the best reality shows out there.

Kendra - She keeps it real and its fun to watch

Whatever Lisa Raye's show is called - very weird woman

Brandy and RayJ family affair: Interesting stuff.

Basketball Wives: It's like a sister show to real housewives. Childish Women Aplenty.

What Chilli Wants: Interesting stuff.

Bad Girls Club : Craziness!

So I am leaving a lot out and I may or may not do a part 2. either way, share with me what reality shows you watch, do you see any you watch on the list?

Have a lovely week! :)


YD said...

Not a huge fan of reality shows. I watch the Bran and Ray J show and because 'Basketball' Wives and 'What Chilli Wants' are right after that show, I watch them too.

Nice Anon said...

When I watch ray j stuff I feel bad for any woman he is going to marry because his mama is an iron lady that will control and run things. Good luck to his future wife!

Basketball wives.. what a foolery! Did you see that wife confront a "groupie" like "I got the ring; just letting you know what's up". I mean chic if your marriage is solid then why are you tripping?

Ms. Royal Reigns said...

I more of a scripted TV show junkie then reality TV. But I do have my favorites:
MTV: True Life, Run's House (I so miss that show!)
VH1: Brandy & Ray J, Tough Love (my brother said dude reminds him of Daffy Duck)
ABC: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
CBS: Amazing Race
FOX: American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance
Lifetime: Project Runway

Ms.O said...

OMG! So much TV! I'm not a TV person, but I have caught one or more episodes of every single one you listed..my opinon MOSTLY CARBAGE!..

F said...

LOOOL... Guilty pleasures, you know... It's like we know they are killing our brain cells but we cant stay away, lol. My mum and I used to be hooked on "The Bachelor", thank God I was delivered... Still praying for my mum... lol

Geebee said...

Believe me, I've never seen anyone watch so many TV reality shows. . . Until You. Wao, you sure love TV. I'm not that into reality shows. I prefer watching series and 24 and Boston Legal top my list among a few others. Hope you're cool. Been a while.

Myne Whitman said...

I watch the bachelor/ette, amazing race, biggest loser and american idol/got talent, big brother, and some dating r/ship ones on ABC. The biggest loser is the best for me.

mizchif said...


Ok, that being said, i will now admit to watching *cough* a few of these shows.
I will admit that i recently caught myself wondering what New York has been up to.

Real/Chance, Tool Academy, Rock of Love, FOr the love of Ray J, Girls of the Playboy mansion, Keeping up with the Kardashians (which i can hardly stand)
Chai, dem plenty sha, but basically any show that has aired on VH1 or E! i've caught an episode (or season)

Basketball wives....."Yea i got the ring" I wanted to scream "Bitch puhleezz!"

Red Rose Princess said...

LOL!. I loove this list. I am a sucker for the Real World. But I dont think you had Jersey Shore on your list?. It's over and done and it was the most shallow show ever but I loved it!!.WOW. LOL. As for the Real Housewives and things. I loove it oh. I don't joke with keeping updated on that one.Nice list but wow you watch a LOT of shows.

Reverence said...

reality shows suck you in mayne.
the real housewives got me...everything except Atlanta.. nene annoyes me.

if its a reality show on MTV/VH1 i no do. i dont even know what channel those are on my TV.

i watch the kardashians and Kendra only when they have those E! marathons and i need to procrastinate.

Marisa Knudsen said...

Please do an investigative piece on why Kim Kardashian speaks so slow and methodically. Also, why are her eyelids so heavy? Khloe is mean. I like Kourtney. And you know what? I like Scott too. I don't like their baby, he's kind of ugly. But it was funny when he puked on Khloe. Kris is really annoying. But I love the show. Go figure.

I love Housewives NJ and my biggest wish in life is that Danielle realizes what a psycho idiot she is and how tacky she looks when she acts like she's so cool for having been a stripper and hanging out with losers like that one guy (I forget his name now) but the one who is always getting riled up and threatening to shoot people but would probably cry if someone pulled his floppy hair.

Marisa Knudsen said...

America's Next Top Model isn't on here!? That's the best show ever and they always pick the girl I want to win.

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