Sunday, May 16, 2010

Too Sexy or Not?

Ok before I post this video let me just say these kids are uber talented because what they did was not an easy something BUT let's not forget that they are 7 year olds. Do you think it is too sexy? On one hand, we can argue that they don't know what they are doing and are just dancing but I am sorry these girls seemed to be in touch with their sensuality way more than a 7 yr old should. So kiddos, what do y'all think, too sexy or not?



bob-ij said...

Wow! I'm still shocked! They are 7?! AS a mother I don't know if I'd let my kids dress that way. THe dressing made it seem a lot! Oh well...they are very talented with all those spins!


Omosi T said...

The outfits are the main problem

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