Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hollywood TidBits

So apparently the list of cheaters continue to grow, the latest allegation (not confirmed) is Matt Lauer.

After 20 years, the original Law & Order is being taken off the air.

If you guys remember the white sister on Different Strokes - Dana Plato. She died of an overdose couple of years ago but tragically her 25 year old son just died from a self inflicted gun shot wound. May his soul rest in peace.

Sarah Silverman's show has been cancelled. Is this woman even funny or just crass?

Bombshell Mcgee says that "men are meant to spread their seed". No comment.

Krista won America's Top Model.

Big Mike got voted off American Idol.

If you remember Noemie Lenoir - she was the bald chick, Chris Rock was messing with in Rush Hour 3 and was the video girl in Usher's "Daddy's Home". She was found unconscious in a park from a suicide attempt. She took pills with alcohol. Wishing her speedy recovery.

So Chrisette Michelle cut her hair and it just seems to bring out her features, she looks very pretty.

Why I keep talking about this girl, I don't know but Heidi Montag from Hills fame has called a restraining order on her mom.

Kendra Wilkinson has a sex tape floating around.

That's all I got. I am signing you off with a gaga related video. It's been all over the net and he was on Ellen recently, this boy is just amazing. Have a good weekend!



RepOne said...

I heard him on the radio this morning. AMAZING!! Very talented little boy.

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