Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And this is what the world has become....

I got this as a broadcast and almost deleted it but my jaw dropped. This little girl wasn't just copying what she saw on TV. It's like she knew what she was doing and that was worrisome. Let's not even talk about the boy or the people cheering them on OR whoever the retard was filming it. Sigh.

Ok I can't get the video posted so just click on this link - Here ya go

Monday, August 29, 2011

Tid Bits

I am currently watching Basketball Wives: LA and I don't even know what I think, all these hoodrats with tattoos everywhere, speaking ebonics, fighting in public, wearing tight ass yeast infection pants with fat bulging out everywhere. I can't.

The VMAs were actually okay last night. I can't get over how Beyonce announced her pregnancy though. She stopped on the red carpet, said "I have a surprise" and put her hand over her belly. I dunno, even for Beyonce that was...weird. Then again after her performance she unbuttoned her jacket and rubbed her belly. I thought it was cute but it was still all so bizarre. Congratulations to her and Jay though.

Adele is awesome. She could easily have been cast aside. She isn't manufactured and isn't skinny. But she sings from her heart and it's genuine and therefore relatable. "21" is the stuff great music is made of and I totally expect her to get album of the year at the grammys. Can't wait to see her next month.

Cowboys and Aliens cost $163 million to make and opened with $36.4million. somebody say ouch. Thank God for international markets.

Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Aniston. What do they have in common? They both can't carry a movie. These two are so hyped and everyone knows I love me some Justin but check all the movies they've done (Aniston does have a few years on Justin) but they don't do so well UNLESS it's an ensemble movie. Read: Justin in Social Network and Aniston in Horrible Bosses.

Everyone has like brutally SLAMMED Carter IV. I have the album but yet to listen to it.

The Hunger games are currently rocking my world. Great Book. I am on Book 2

Kim Kardashian is just as self absorbed as her mom. Kim Kardashian's husband seems like a douche. Oyibo pple dating are weird. Like how you don't meet the parents TILL you are engaged. How the hell did Kris not know that Kim was married? Is google dead?

I have absolutely no desire to see The Help. Great book but I can't help but think it won't translate. I'll see it eventually.

Reality shows won't be the death of me.

Katy Perry is manufactured. Katy Perry has a record with Michael Jackson for the most #1 singles from an album. This bothers me. Now I know I am the girl who likes any kind of music, no matter how poppy but I dunno, it's Michael men. Still can't believe she was nominated for album of the year at the Grammys.

I think that's all the pop culture tidbits I got right now. Have a great week.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My current favorite songs

Just thought I'd share a few of the songs that I have been listening to a lot more than others.

The Band Perry - If I Die Young
This was love at first listen. I heard this song and had to have it. Sure it talks about death ( One of my favorite lines: A penny for my thoughts, oh no, I'll sell them for a dollar. They're worth so much more after I'm a goner and maybe then you'll hear the words I been singin'. Funny when you're dead how people start listenin'). I looked up the inspiration for the song and they say it was basically to encourage living every moment to the fullest cuz life is short.

No, my obsession with The Weeknd isn't over. I am still in lust with this album. I woke up one day and High for This was my favorite song. I put that thing on repeat and sun bathed in the goodness of this song...many times.

My love for bubblegum will never die. I mean, I am the girl who went for a BSB concert not too long ago. Britney Spears' "I wanna go" always puts a smile on my face and oh yez, I whistle along.

My latest Brit import Ellie Goulding. I love her album and I like her voice, she sounds so animated. My favorite song on the album is The Writer

She is not that well known but Yemi Alade has a song with Eldee "Fi mi Sile" that I really like and is always a good song to dance to

Please feel free to share your favorite songs.I can never have too many songs!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Shuffle, Shuffle, Shuffle....Hard

I have no excuses. I have no words for how much I neglected this blog. I am going to try my hardest not to do so again. I decided to press play on my music library and see what pops up. I'll list the 20 songs that pop up. Maybe you'll find a song or two that you could add to your playlist (Chei, music library no fall my hand today oh!). Alright here we go:

1. Speechless - Lady Gaga. I like this song a lot. It's laid back and bluesy and showcases her voice. Her live rendition of it is also pretty ace.

2. Paris - Mateo. If you haven't heard his mixtape (Love&Stadiums) you should. I love his voice. He covers a wide range of songs. This song samples Coldplay's "Reign of Love". Beautiful song.

3. Used to love him - Lauryn Hill. The ya eye don shine theme song. I mean is there a bad song by Lauryn on the Miseducation album?

4. I've got you under my skin - Michael Buble. Loves me some Buble. I be feeling all cultured whenever I listen to this song hehe. Oh and it makes me daydream about my dream on doing a dancing with the stars type show. Stop laughing at me!

5. Raphael Saadiq - Radio. Love this dude and his latest album. This song transports you to American Bandstand times doing the Mashed Potatoes or something. lol

6. Lights - Frank Ocean. I love everything he does. This isn't one of my faves but I classify it under some songs of his I call the "sellout songs".

7. For your love - Chris Brown. This was one of the unreleased song from his Graffiti album. Honestly, I skip it everytime it comes on. This is probably the longest I have ever listened to it.

8. Bella(She's all I ever had) - Ricky Martin. His first album was nice jare. This is the spanish version, so it usually gets the skip.

9. Burn - Usher. I actually have no comment on this. The video just popped up in my head though.

10. Rest - Bruno Mars. This was from his mixtape. Very bleh something. I don't think I have ever heard this song before.

11. It's a Man's Man's Man's World - Seal. My very favorite song on Seal's Soul album (all Motown covers). The strings on this song is awesomeness. Can you tell I love this song? Seal is quite underrated actually.

12. Wicked Games - The Weeknd. They were bound to pop up sometime. I lurve, lurve, lurve this band/this man whatever they are. This song is depth personified. I understand that sometimes I might not be what's considered normal but when someone says: "And that's my motherfucking word too. Just let me motherfucking love you", that is something #don'tjudgeme

13. Over you - Daughtry. Love the tone of his voice. I remember when he was on idol and everytime I saw him all I wanted to do was lick his bald head. I like this song.

14. The miseducation of Lauryn Hill - Lauryn Hill. Second appearance.

15. Crossroads - John Mayer. Love me some John boy. Racist dick or not. While I think Continuum is his best album. I think Battle Studies gave us his deepest songs. Guitar on this song is the business as usual.

16. I get lonely - Janet Jackson. I used to loooove this song when it came out and I loved the video. Still a jam though.

17. Green Light - John Legend. I do not like this song. I am not sure why. It just annoys me. This and that good morning song. blech.

18. Lights Out - Danity Kane. I liked this girl. It's a shame they went through the Diddy curse.

19. Words I never said - Lupe Fiasco. The song that made me get my first Lupe Fiasco album. Drums are my favorite instrument. Love the drums on this.

20. Fear - One Republic. From their very slept on Waking Up album. Very chilled song. Like most of their songs it has their unique sound.

So, ladies and gentlemen this is what my playlist gave to me. Whaddya think? Any faves? Any new finds? Can you tell anything about me from this list? Enjoy!

PS I dey vex say not even one naija song popped up sha

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just Dance!

Oh blog, how I've abandoned thee. Ah well, I am here now. So in case you've been living under a rock, you'll notice that everyone is caving into the dance craze i.e all these artists are releasing singles that are heavily on the dance music side. You know me I am not hard to please when it comes to music, so I thought I'd share some of my current faves with you guys.

I am totally in love with the song. I could listen to it all day. It makes me happy and just makes me want to move (like a thousand other songs lol). Funny enough, I had no idea the original was titled "Tonight, I'm fucking you" (eek)

Enrique Iglesias ft Ludacris - Tonight I'm Loving You

No one does catchy music like Mr. 305 himself. Add in Mr. Autotune and this is another get on your feet song that I like

Pitbull ft Tpain - Hey Baby

This dude is actually still in college and is from Romania. The song actually took me back to my naija days and reminds me of Everything But The Girl's "I miss you"

Edward Maya ft Vika Jugilina - Stereo Love

Even though I still think he is an agbaya. I still like this song mucho and Mr 305 makes another appearance again.

Usher ft Pitbull - DJ got us falling in love

Would I be Taynement if I didn't include Naija music in the mix. I still think he is all over the map and needs to find his sound but ofkerse I like this plus I think it's funny. "I wan buy am for honda. I wan ta go for London"

So I couldn't find a Youtube video of the song I really wanted to post which was Reminisce's "If only" so make do with this song, which isn't really dance but nyeh it's close enough.

Show Dem Camp - Alpha Kenny Body

Feel free to share your favorite dance songs. Have a good weekend!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

25 movies to see before Oscar Night

As you all may know, it's award season and the Oscars are the grand daddy of award shows for movies. Every year, I try to watch most if not all the movies that are nominated so I can have my own opinion and see if I disagree or agree with the movies. Every year I go through this list from EW. Check it out if you'd also like to be in the know.

The Social Network
The King's Speech
The Fighter
Toy Story 3
True Grit
Black Swan
The Kids Are Alright
127 Hours
Winter's Bone
The Town
Rabbit Hole
Another Year
Get Low
How to train your Dragon
Blue Valentine
Animal Kingdom
Waiting for Superman
Alice in Wonderland
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Inside Job
The Illusionist

So far I have seen 9 of the movies. I have a lot of catching up to do.

*edit, I am up to 11.