Monday, August 29, 2011

Tid Bits

I am currently watching Basketball Wives: LA and I don't even know what I think, all these hoodrats with tattoos everywhere, speaking ebonics, fighting in public, wearing tight ass yeast infection pants with fat bulging out everywhere. I can't.

The VMAs were actually okay last night. I can't get over how Beyonce announced her pregnancy though. She stopped on the red carpet, said "I have a surprise" and put her hand over her belly. I dunno, even for Beyonce that was...weird. Then again after her performance she unbuttoned her jacket and rubbed her belly. I thought it was cute but it was still all so bizarre. Congratulations to her and Jay though.

Adele is awesome. She could easily have been cast aside. She isn't manufactured and isn't skinny. But she sings from her heart and it's genuine and therefore relatable. "21" is the stuff great music is made of and I totally expect her to get album of the year at the grammys. Can't wait to see her next month.

Cowboys and Aliens cost $163 million to make and opened with $36.4million. somebody say ouch. Thank God for international markets.

Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Aniston. What do they have in common? They both can't carry a movie. These two are so hyped and everyone knows I love me some Justin but check all the movies they've done (Aniston does have a few years on Justin) but they don't do so well UNLESS it's an ensemble movie. Read: Justin in Social Network and Aniston in Horrible Bosses.

Everyone has like brutally SLAMMED Carter IV. I have the album but yet to listen to it.

The Hunger games are currently rocking my world. Great Book. I am on Book 2

Kim Kardashian is just as self absorbed as her mom. Kim Kardashian's husband seems like a douche. Oyibo pple dating are weird. Like how you don't meet the parents TILL you are engaged. How the hell did Kris not know that Kim was married? Is google dead?

I have absolutely no desire to see The Help. Great book but I can't help but think it won't translate. I'll see it eventually.

Reality shows won't be the death of me.

Katy Perry is manufactured. Katy Perry has a record with Michael Jackson for the most #1 singles from an album. This bothers me. Now I know I am the girl who likes any kind of music, no matter how poppy but I dunno, it's Michael men. Still can't believe she was nominated for album of the year at the Grammys.

I think that's all the pop culture tidbits I got right now. Have a great week.


mizchif said...

You are such a pop culture whore!

Been thinking since i saw those basketball wives. All this bickering and fighting is not a good look for black America, i mean i'm a regular nobody but i don't see what would make me randomly throw a drink at another female, in public or just engage in fisticuffs at the slightest altercation. But these are wives (mistresses and jump offs) of wealthy, successful athletes, sitting around gossiping, forming cliques and fighting. Too poor.

Adele. No words. Total lovage. Pure talent.
I loved The Help (movie) Can't wait to read the book.

As for Beyonce, i actually thought her announcement was kinda cute, a little bizzare but still cute. I think it was a little unfair that she stole the show from everything and everybody else last night. And as for people jumping around crying and fainting and planning baby showers for her unborn child. Really? Really people? Ok.

After that Wayne's performance in those jeggings, i just might delete my copy of Carter Infinity which i haven't even listened to yet.

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