Thursday, May 3, 2012

$$ Child Support $$

Child support is so common now in the States, it's like a past time. It's the best the law can do to hold guys (in most cases) accountable for their children. In some cases, it seems unfair. I've always been fascinated by the whole child support thing because we all know that money isn't solely going to the kids, a lil' sumn sumn is going to the mama's packet (at least in my opinion). Now when it comes to celebs, the amounts they pay are so ridiculously large I am wondering how they spend that much on just kids. Say, you even say it goes to school fees can't the dad just pay that separately. Anyhue, thought I'd just share with you some amounts that are being paid out there in Hollyweird.
 Eddie Murphy pays Mel B $51,000/month
 Linda Evangelista is in court requesting $46,000/month from her baby daddy (Salma Hayek's husband) Charlie Sheen pays each of his baby mamas (Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller $55,000/month. Total of $110k
Melissa Etheridge pays her former wife $23,000/month and even then she is requesting more
Usher pays Tameka child support but is demanding an increase because she feels his income has increased substantially since their divorce. (WHat has that got to do with the kids??)
When Britney got a divorce, she had to pay Kevin Federline $20,000/month
Russell Simmons pays Kimora Lee $40,000/month P Diddy pays about $250,000/yr total to all 3 of his baby mamas
Mel Gibson paid his baby mama $750,000, still pays for the house and will continue to pay additional support for the kid
Tiger Woods ex wife Elin cashed out big with $100mill, I can only imagine what he has to pay in child support for 2 kids.
The head scratcher of them all is NY Jets QB, Antonio Cromartie. This fool has 10 kids and twins on the way by 8 different women. Now he has a $35million contract but in 2008 he had to request a $500k advance so he could pay off outstanding child support payment. I can't even imagine what those are.

Some of these amounts are some people's salaries for the year! What do you think? Is this okay because they are celebs or you think it's too much?


Myne Whitman said...

Is this child support or Alimony? The latter ends if the woman remarries and is dependent on the income of the ex. As for child support, I think the collector has to show proof regularly to the court that it is used on the child, mostly. School and hospital + extracurricular fees for celeb children I guess is high up there.

MPB said...

too freaking much...if truly child support.

LadyNgo said...

My understanding of it is basically, like alimony, you are keeping the child living a lifestyle that either they were accustomed to or would be accustomed to if they had been living with the wealthy parent.

Ubah Chetachukwu said...

Why does a woman have to pay a man after divorce?. This is too much...all of them!

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