Monday, September 28, 2009

Celeb Wedding Talk

So yup, Khloe Kardashian sho as hell did marry L.A Laker, Lamar Odom. I mean Happy Married Life to them but like almost everyone else I am skeptical about it. With their track record, why do this celebs rush to marriage, it's not a religious thing so why not just shack up. I guess what makes me more skeptical is on Khloe's show, they just did an episode where she said how she doesn't trust men and her last boyfriend Rashad McCants(pic below), an NBA player, cheated on her and told her that he was with her for publicity. All that added together makes it all the more puzzling that these two got married a month after meeting.

Rashad McCants with Khloe


So the other day on Chelsea Lately, they were saying how these Kardashian sisters like to outdo each other and it seems so. First, Kim had the sex tape, then Kourtney decides to get pregnant and Khloe says I won't be left out and has a shotgun wedding. Seems the cycle is going again because it looks like Kim decided to go visit Reggie Bush immediately after the ceremony in the matching sweat suits the Kardashian sisters wore after the wedding. Yea that would keep the paparazzi away.

Kim in her Maid of Honor threads ( this chick is hot!)

In other celeb wedding news:

Jamie Pressley(My name is Earl) married entertainment lawyer, Simran Singh

Justin Guarini (American Idol runnerup) also got married.


Fred Durst and his wife split after three months

Emmy Rossum(Phantom of the Menace) split from her husband(he filed and is requesting she pay all the costs)


Elvis Presley is the highest earning dead celeb and dead celebs are called -

Have a lovely night.


Tori said...

Justin Guarini is alive?

And apparently, Lamar said to the paps on the way to the rehearsal that divorce happens all the time and "you never know". Way to go into a wedding. Heard something about it not being a legal marriage (no marriage license) just an "agreement to be married". Foolishness. Didn't know you needed a reason on hollywood. How'bout you just have a "we're kpanshing" party? Save you a boatload on lawyers fees.

TayneMent said...

LOL@Tori. you know? Then again these celebs are on a different bandwidth so...

Myne Whitman said...

Anything for publicity.

Reverence said...

my question is why dos the guy always look one kind?

Vivian said...

Nice to see that Justin moved on from the atrocity that we know as AI...I am sorry but the other day, I was thinking about how I used to be so into that show and how incredibly cheesy it was...seriously...I can't believe I used to get into arguments about who should have eliminated and what not...chai..anyways...with age comes maturity I guess.

I think you hit the nail on the head with the Kardashian sisters...I really do think that those girls really try to out do each other. But who cares...maybe if she were a relative of mine..maybe I might have more to say about dress was nice. need to visit my blog again...I have updated it...and I have posted on one of your blogs...please return the favor when you visit.XOXO!!

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