Friday, September 18, 2009


Hey guys, so if you are here you must have followed by other blog ( Anyways, some of y'all might know I am a pop culture head. I kinda deviated from my other blog, so I decided to open a new one solely devoted to all things popculture and entertainment. I hope to bring news (both useful and useless ones) and convinience. So feel free to support me and come by here whenever. I might be shaky at first but I hope to get better. For my first post, I'll list out movies that are coming out this weekend. Enjoy!


CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS : Based on a children's book about a scientist trying to solve world hunger.

THE INFORMANT : starring Matt Damon and Joel Mchale (from The Soup): Damon stars as a whistleblower that's well..kinda slow. *Not really my cup of tea, because personally Matt Damon seems to be doing dry movies since Bourne Ultimatum*

JENNIFER'S BODY: Written by my idol Diablo Cody(she wrote Juno), it's about a possesed cheerleader written by Megan "Diarrhea Mouth" Fox. *I love me some Diablo but the movie just seems silly to me. I am just glad it's out so I can stop seeing the ads on tv*

LOVE HAPPENS : starring Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart. Love chicflicks? this is your best bet. Boy meets girl. Not feeling dude at first and will most likely fall in love.

For my Indie lovers, Bright Star starring Abby Cornish ( the lady who came between Ryan Phillipe and Reese WItherspoon), Burning Plain with Charlize Theron and Paris with Juliette Binoche.

Soon as I see any of the movies I would give my review. Movies still in theaters that I would recommend are:

Inglorious Basterds
District 9
I can do bad all by myself

Dvd Recommendation : I love you man

Have a wonderful weekend people!

Song of the Day - Gavin Rossdale, Love remains the same.



Rose said...

Hey There! Got directions from your other blog.
Thanks for the recommendations. Would try to have an amazing weekend(movie-filled).

Repressed One said...

Nice one! yay!

Myne Whitman said...

We're going to see informant and love happens. I saw District 9(some naija controversy there) and Inglorious basterds and they were both 4stars. I don't like the idea of meatballs, too much food flying around. Nice new blog, will add you.

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