Thursday, April 15, 2010

Top 20 songs in the country

1.Rude Boy - Rihanna (After two lukewarm singles, Rihanna finally hit her stride with Rude boy. I am still meh about the song, I only like the bridge.

2.Nothing on You - B.O.B ft Bruno Mars ( Love this song, brings a smile to my face plus I think Bruno Mars just has a beautiful voice)

3.Hey Soul Sister - Train (Hate this song. Lyrics are stupid and I am still convinced it's a racist song)

4.Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz ft Luda (This song really grew on me, I like it now)

5.In my Head - Jason Derulo (Love this song. I still thinks the boy tries too hard but it's all good)

6.Need You Know - Lady Antabellum (still like this song. Time for a new single though)

7.Telephone - Lady Gaga ft beyonce (I think you all know how i feel :))

8.Imma Be - Black Eyed Peas (Hot song, but I am now tired of this song)

9.Baby - Justin Beiber ft Luda (Yuck)

10.OMG - Usher ft Will.I.Am (still undecided about how I feel)

11.Say Aah - Trey Songz ft Fabolous (hot!)

12.Carry Out - Timbaland ft Justin Timberlake ( I like it)

13.Break Even - The Script ( Luvs it. The Script is an awesome Irish band, glad they are finally getting recognition in the states)

14.BedRock - Young money blah blah -(disgust)

15.TikTok - Ke$ha (kinda tired of her gimmick)

16.My Chick Bad - Luda ft Nicki Minaj (Beat on this song is hot!Makes me think of dirty dance moves)

17.Young Forever - Jay ft Mr Hudson (indifference)

18.All the Right Moves - One Republic(Love this song)

19.Your Love is my Drug - Ke$ha (see above)

20.You and Your Heart ( I embarassingly admit that I haven't heard this song. Jack is a cutie though)

Did you see your songs in there? and did anyone notice that most of the songs feature a guest artist?

Have a lovely weekend.


Ms. Royal Reigns said...

How in the world is "Hey, Soul Sister" a racist song? Hahahaha. I'm done. What? The lyrics "You're so gangsta, I'm so thug" rub you the wrong way? Anywho, I absolutely LOVE this song!

My songs: 3 (:oP), 6, 7, 8, 11 (I go crazy!), 14 (only for Drake's part and I like the chorus and @ the end when Weezy yells out all the members of YM), 16 (Luda! done did it again! I wuv him.), & 17.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Shame to say I have only heard Rude boy, think am going song deaf. Love the collection

Reverence said...

6 and 13 be my jam.. yup yup. i have a thing for sad songs.
i agree with you on 14 but i always chuckle at the line where he goes you can call me flinstone cos i can make your bedrock

neefemi said...

17.Young Forever - Jay ft Mr Hudson (indifference) - same here, borderline hate it gan and yes Jason be trying too much jo ....who sang 20 tho? will find it still sha

all the rest well apart from Telephone...i think i listen to everyday, lol

Myne Whitman said...

I only know Rude boy, and yeah nowadaya, most songs are either collabos or have a guest artiste. Sharing star power I think.

Amazonian Naija Queen said...

How can you "yuck" at Justin Beiber? I sing along like a little kid whenever that song comes on!
Shoot, I'd pay for his concert just to hear that song. Of course I'll have to find some child that I can take with me as my excuse for being at the concert! LOL!

ibiluv said...

love rude boy..........

Suru said...

all these songs are blah to me I usually have a good balance between mainstream and other but these days I'm just not really feeling any of the mainstream songs.

LucidLilith said... know I was about to update my playlist when sumthing just made me visit your blog.

Marisa Knudsen said...

I loooove Say Aah, I pretty much put in on repeat to and from any place I am going and when the "we don't buy no drinks at the bar" part comes on I purse my lips all snarky-like and sing along like yeah, I don't buy no drinks at the bar, they buy me the drinks, uh-huh. It's probably very amusing for the other people in the cars around me.

Vanity said...

now a days i'm underground a lot

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