Thursday, October 22, 2009

My recommended TV shows

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The Fall TV season is not new anymore, cancellations have occurred (southland, beautiful life) and many more are sure to follow, but the season still had some new shows that are worth watching. And because I am so awesome, I watch so much tv just so I can share this with my neighbors aka YOU..yes you! lol. Alright, here are some new TV shows that I think are worth watching.


I am actually not a family guy junkie and only catch it as my absolutely LAST option but I was curious to catch The Cleveland Show after I caught the actors who voice the characters on "Inside the Actors Studio" (Seth McFarlane is a cutieee!(voice of stewie)and it was interesting that the voice of cleveland is by a white dude. Anywhoo, I like the show, it has cliche jokes and all but its a little different, I mean their neighbors are bears with an unplaced foreign accent. Sanaa Lathan voices the wife and Nia Long was the teenage daughter, she unexpectedly dropped out and is replaced by Reagan Gomez-Preston(chic in TI's "whatever you like video".

Fun Fact: There is only ONE african american show on TV - The Brothers(which will probably get cancelled). That show is subpar, so if you have to show support to your people watch the Cleveland show :D



My absolute personal favorite new show(Yes, I added the ! myself, because that's how I say it in my head). WHat's not to like about this show? cute guys, awesome song covers, funny jokes (especially from Jane Lynch - Taynement predicts award nominations for her)and its by Ryan Murphy (the awesome fellow who does my favorite show - Nip/Tuck)...and I'm done selling. If you still choose not to watch..YOUR LOSS!


Patricia Heaton is back as a "spread too thin" wife and mother in the middle of America trying to hold herself and her family together. besides her, her braced daughter and her adorably cute nerdy(and strange son) make the show a winner.

Honorable mentions ( meaning I don't watch but I hear it's good)

The Good Wife
Flashforward (basically if you like Lost, you'll like this)

That's all folks if you have any new favorites, feel free to share, although I think my tv calender is who am I kidding, there's always room for more lol ( I wasn't kidding when I told you I needed rehab)

P.S The original mama-jammers are coming back - Real Housewives of Orange County returns on Nov 5.

Have a good one people!


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