Monday, October 19, 2009

Taynement Tid Bits

- So Khloe Kardashian has reached an agreement for her prenup, yay! (rolls eyes). These are the details :

If the duo were to split, Khloe reportedly wants a flat sum of approximately $500,000 for each year they were married in addition to $25,000 a month in general support. She has also reportedly requested that she receive their new house, which the couple will be purchasing soon. In addition to outright cash, Khloe has reportedly requested a new luxury vehicle at the end of every lease cycle, $5,000 a month for shopping, $1,000 for beauty care and Lakers courtside tickets for her entire family. ----- If this isn't love, then what is it my people? Na wa!

- Continuing in the "I will not be outdone by my sister" cycle, Kourtney Kardashian's house has apparently been burglarized and $80,000 worth of jewelry was taken....Please forgive me if I am blaze about this.

- Might as well complete the circle. Kim celebrated her birthday in Vegas. Have I mentioned before that this chic is just too hot..too bad she can't dance.

- If you watch the hills, stephanie pratt was arrested for a DUI.

- If you watch Real Housewives:NewYork, Bethany has FINALLY found her the one and is engaged.

- Rumor has it that SOulja Boy is with Trina???

- Looks like Raven Symone lost some weight. yay? nay?


Nice Anon said...

LMAO! Raven needs to chill with the whole " I know I am looking fierce look"

Ms. Royal Reigns said...

Actually, I don't think Raven lost any weight. She still looks the same to me for the past couple years. Maybe it's my eyes. *shrugs*

Random fact: Kim and Ms. Royal Reigns are birthday mates. I guess she wanted to get the parry parry parry started a couple days early.

Trina needs to stop rockin' the cradle. Is Soulja Boy Tell 'Em even 18?

Myne Whitman said...

Kim birthday was paid for by T-mobile no less. Yay to Prenups but nay to Raven's weight loss. She looks the same.

pretty damsel said...

Thanks for visiting dearie,love ur for the kadashians wat can one say.

Original Mgbeke said...

Raven did lose weight and Kim is so fly ah ah ah ah ah ah ah aiy!

Anyone else joining me to do countdown till Lamar and Khloe split? But this was how i was doing count down for Mariah and Nick so errm strange things happen...

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