Thursday, January 28, 2010

Red Carpet Peek-a-Boo - Ebony Style

Hey guys, I'm having a rainy thursday evening, thought I'd pop in and share some red carpet looks from various sites. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments.

Vanessa Williams - I have never really understood her style but unto each their own. Check out the bushy tails of her shoes.

Feeling the First Lady's look? Love her hair

Anika Noni Rose looking lovely

I don't know guys, I don't want to keep ragging on Ms Sidibe but I have not seen one flattering look on her since she hit the big time.

Mary J Blige looking okay, I feel she could have done better.

Taraji P Henson - I can't decide, yay or nay?

Tatyana Ali - I never like her look, but this is really pretty

Not quite sure what's going on with Rihanna

Gabrielle Union - just not a fan of hers

Let's end with an Amber Alert shall we?

Have a lovely evening folks.


Kabi-Osi Edumare said...

Gabrielle,did she slap some white powder on her face? whosa!!! Oti o
Is dat a lace front on Mary J? kai
Ms tatyana needs to sack her stylist.
Hmmm amber own just tire me.
The rest...I cant shout!!!

ManCee said...

Gabrielle..I love that chic. Anyone can hook us up? :D

Mary J is just old and refusing to accept it.
Look Obama is okay as president (I think), his wife is really just there, so I really FAIL to understand the hype around her looks...I personally think her limbs are rather unflatteringly lengthy. plus is her neck webbed or I'm just drunk on air?

Rihanna is getting fat...finally some flesh on that Bag of Bones.

Oh! and Vanessa?!...I'm so much a fan. She even has butt I for say perhaps she's trying to make up for something.


Ms. Royal Reigns said...

Vanessa: But she looks great for her age. And that's all I'm gonna say bout THAT picture.
Michelle: I see the First Lady and I have something in common - our love for purple. She looks great.
Anika: Lovely color. I think the hue helped out the dress. If it was in another color, it would've been a dull outfit.
Gabby: Gabby, Gabby, Gabby. Who the freak is your stylist? She/He/It needs to be fired. Just find something that COMPLIMENTS your body. Is that too much to ask?
Mary: Besides her hair, everything else is blah.
Taranji: For some odd reason, I like the outfit. She has the D.C. confidence to pull that off.
Tatyana: The bangs works for her. Too much going on with the dress. Loving the shoes.
Rihanna: No.
Gabrielle: Hells no.
Amber: Birthday mate! Um, where do I begin? 1st photo - no. 2nd photo - As normal as Amber can get. 3rd photo - L M A O!!! Clearly, she killed a bunch of Muppets to get that jacket to perfection. 4th photo - My favorite.

Myne Whitman said...

All the ladies looked marvelous except Amber of course. That lady is just crazy. Rihanna's dress is somehow as well but don't I just love my girls rocking it on the red carpet? LOL...

Tori said...

I opened the comment box to make a comment about Gabby S, but saw Ambers full bride price and had to choke

doll said...

LMAO@amber alert

Marisa Knudsen said...

Vanessa Williams needs to trim her bush. WHY does Amber Rose keep trying to cover up the fact that she is goregous with abolutely disgusting clothes? And I like Ashley Banks's outfit, too! 'Member the Fresh Prince episode where she was getting a record contract? Heyyyy Mr. DJ... is this before your time?? Do I sound old??

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