Saturday, January 30, 2010

Got Milk?

I love, lurve, lurve Christina Hendricks on Mad Men, her character is soo...woman. Apparently, she wants to remind us that she is all woman in real life. She has a hot bod, curves and all. Here she is at the Director's Guild Awards:

With her hubby:

Who looks like this after giving birth 4 weeks ago? Matthew McConaughey's baby mama, Camilla Alves

In other news, Grammys are tomorrow, who is watching? I don't like the grammys I think they are boring, but part of my disease involves watching ALL award shows and also Lady Gaga will be opening with Elton(hey yesterday was National Lady Gaga day)AND tomorrow is my boo's birthday. Oh yea, Justin Timberlake is my boo. I'll be back on my take on the grammys...I think.

Happy Evening!


Ms. Royal Reigns said...

You think the Grammys are boring? Wow. I love watching the Grammys. My attention never wavers while it's on - yes, even during the country segments.

Ms. Hendricks is gorgeous. I may be slightly biased cause I'm always rooting for the red haired people. I've heard, though, that her natural assets are not so, um, au naturel.

TayneMent said...

Nothing wrong with country.

Hmm, I don't know they look natural to me.

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

*YEPA!!! dodges omorugun, obe, omi isowo, alubosa*
lol, how are you?

TayneMent said...

LMAO@ David. See as breasteses rendered you speechless. I dey oh, how are you?

neefemi said...

lol, i'm jealous of camilla tho shiii - dont want big boobs so i'm good....grammy was just aite

Kabi-Osi Edumare said...

Gaddem i want boobies(size 36D/38) I wantttttttttttttt
I want Camilla body after i don birth my pikins...:)

Allie Yaeger said...

I'm envious this time! Inner beauty still matters most. But sometimes, we have this dream to have a perfect body. I'd say, why not? As long as you're happy with how you look, then it's super FINE!

Katelyn Betterton said...

Alluring, isn't it? How I wish I also have boobies like they do. I mean, not all women have voluptuous boobs like these two gorgeous ladies. ;]

Crevan Ferrigno said...

Heh heh, voluptuous is a nice word. It's a nice quality to have - something to wish and perhaps seek. It can be a fantasy to look like the stars you see in TV and the movies. Well, it's best to be happy with what you have, but striving to achieve something is also a good thing.

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