Thursday, March 11, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Taio Cruz

Hiya guys, what's going on? I thought I'd spotlight an artist I've heard about since Summer 2009 in Naija - Taio Cruz. A young Brit man with Nigerian and Brazilian parents. *sidenote* I notice that entertainers I spotlight seem to be of Nigerian descent..hmm that's very fine by me. Anyways, I heard him feature on a song and I thought he was just a one time thing but he seems to have crossed over and currently has a song on the radio. Well let me not waste your time and here are three songs of his I kinda like:

Like a Star ft SugaBabes and Busta Ryhmes

Break your Heart ft Ludacris

So Cold


Tori said...

oh wow, he has naija in him? I LOOOOVE Break your Heart" :D

sweetness said...

really a bit nigerian?
wow no wonder~! lol
i love his songs 'like a star' and 'break ur heart'

shorty said...

I love Taio Cruz songs, prefer so cold and i just wanna know.

F said...

Impressive stuff... His song "Moving on" is gorgeous as well...

Anonymous said...

i so dont like this guy

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