Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just because I can't think of a topic....

Here, there, everywhere and going nowhere...

Rumor has it that B is preggos. Wonder if it's true, if it is a big congrats to the couple. Children are a blessing.

WHo watches Real Housewives of NewYork? Besides the constant bickering and side-taking like they are in grade school. I think the Count(l)ess (Luann)is so pretentious it must be exhausting, Bethenny needs to tone down her "keeping it realness" and shut up a bit more, I think Jill looks really good, I thought she lost weight but then I remember that she had a breast reduction so maybe that's it.

Why is Justin Beiber this famous? Why does he have a "swag coach" that follows him everywhere. I think I am pissed because I think swag coach is code for "being blacker". I just may be over thinking this.

Dude, 16 and pregnant is a powerful show.

American Idol sucks this year. like major.

India Arie and DOnny Osmond got really pissy about Gaga's Telephone video huh?

And after season 7, The Hills will finally not be alive anymore. Took 'em that long to realise it.

So sad about Dennis Hopper. His is allegedly dying of cancer. He can barely speak and barely weighs 100lbs yet he is embroiled in a bitter divorce battle.sigh

Ok I swear The Office is one of the best shows you are not watching.

Ok my brain is dead...Fun weekend, kiddos


Ms. Royal Reigns said...

If Honey B is pregnant, then she must be HEATED! Cause she's been saying from the get go that she's not ready to have some kids.

I watched like the 1st season and that was about it. Which, now I think about it, I've done for ALL of the "Real Housewives..." franchise. Jill has always been the prettiest, to me. Just like her style. Bethany is aight. lol @ Count(l)ess. During Season 1, she kept throwing that around people's faces. Having that title still can't cover up that you're white trash, honey.

I am flabbergasted...I mean, the amount of love?... obsession?... curiosity?...surround this Justin dude. It's unreal. He's a blonde midget that's one step away from turning into a prepubescent girl. And to top it off, homie can't sing. And to top THAT off, he's trying to have obtain some swag (my nice way of saying he's trying to be black). I blame Usher for all of this.

"16 and Pregnant" is a great show.

"American Idol" is HORRIBLE this year. Ugh. UGH!

Yeah, how random is that? Like, India who? Donny who? Stop the madness. Where were these people when Madonna was premiering "Like a Prayer"? Let me guess, they prefer Marylin Manson's music videos? Fall back!

The last episode of "The Hills" that I remembered was when LC went apeshit on Heidi @ some random club. How long ago was that? Exactly. The show needed to end like yesterday.

*sad face* for Dennis Hopper.

Nope. "Modern Family" is one of the best shows you are not watching.

Have a great weekend, too, TM! :o)

TayneMent said...

sorry i watch modern family and so do people because the ratings are high. "you are not watching" implies low ratings.

Thank you!

Ms. Royal Reigns said...

They don't get THAT much of high ratings. More people need to be watching. And I didn't know that you watch the show. Is "The Office" struggling like that?

Amazonian Naija Queen said...

Justin Beiber fan here! *waves frantically* Abeg, that "baby" song with Luda is the bizzness!

Harry-Rami Itie said...

Please let her be pregnant

Omotee! said...

so i dont watch anything, guess i'll spice up my weekend wiht "The Office", sounds interesting.
have a great weekend

neefemi said...

lol @ Justin Bieber....i think thats the point though, we don't really like young white boys if they are not Jonas Brothers so they need him to be swaggerific(hate that word)

Myne Whitman said...

Who is Justin Bieber? OK I know I know but...smh..

American Idol is so bad, they've cured me of my addiction to singing talent shows. all my love now goes to Dancing with the stars,

Do you watch Flash forward? I watch office sometimes and Modern family is a no miss cos of SO, I like it too though.

Have a nice weekend namesake.

Suru said...

I want to start watching the office all my friends watch it. And I completely agree about Justin Beiber.

Original Mgbeke said...

Why are India and Donny pissed?

LucidLilith said...

I concur.

doll said...

i hope she is pregnant..Jayz is alrady 40 and she is almost 30...its about time

By the hills, do u mean one tree hill?

lani said...

I haven't heard about India.Arie in time... what's the update on 24

Marisa Knudsen said...

aaah! LOVE your blog so far Pearl and I've only read a little bit. Regarding Justin Bieber and his douchiness, if you haven't already seen the YouTube video "3 Year Old Crying Over Justin Bieber" it's a must-see. And I love the Real Housewives of all cities, esp. New York because I have a crush on Kelly Bensimon but I really love watching because Ramona is such a HOT MESS!!

Vanity said...

lol..I like the office but I will sell your arm to meet the stars of Grey's anatomy

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