Monday, March 1, 2010

Hollywood TidBits

Dang, it's been a minute yo..sorry to anyone who follows. I kept racking my brain for something to talk about but all it could come up with was sleep, but there's been a bit of gist going on in hollywood, so I thought I'd keep y'all updated.

-First of all when they say death comes in threes they weren't lying. First off, child star of the show "Growing Pains" was found dead hanging from a tree in a Vancouver park after they'd been searching for him for some time. Apparently he took his own life. Then over the weekend, Marie Osmond's 18 year old son after committing suicide by jumping out his apartment building, he suffered from depression and finally there is a reality show called Ax Men on the History Channel. Well the four year old daughter of the star died this weekend after being mauled by the family dog, a Rottweiler(how awful is that? this doesn't help my fear of dogs). RIP to all the departed and I wish comfort to all their family.

-Ok enough sad news, in "wowiwoulddoanythingforattentionnews", Kim Zolciak from Real Housewives of Atlanta has decided that she is a gay and is dating a dj. See pic below (why was i just focusing on the fat by her 'pits?)

- For parties interested, the Oscars are on Sunday.This is your reminder.

- Christina Milian don born pikin for The Dream.

- Is it just me or is Amber Rose preggers?

- NAACP Awards (or as long as you are black you are guaranteed a nomination) was on Friday. I thought Jill Scott looked really good.

I think that's all i got. Anyone looking to boost their music library, check out my guest sting on #Music Monday -

Have a lovely week!


Reverence said...

amber rose preggers? a mini combination of her and kanye? *shudders*

neefemi said...

She sure looks pregnant and Jill Scott looks awesome and thank you again so much for doing that i appreciate it ;)

LucidLilith said...

Christina Milian is now a baby mama????

As per Amber Rose, she may just have had a cheeseburger.

Suru said...

I've never even heard Amber's voice let alone know what she's like but I can't imagine her pregnant.

Issey, Alice, Uche said...

yeah...checked out your music monday and thats what brought me to your taste
i am quite a mix when it comes to music..tilt towards instruments and lyrics not the regular hip hop that everone loves...
interesting u like Lami and M.I 'S SONG?

TayneMent said...

Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I like the song, if you get to read my old posts on both my blogs(I have a regular non pop culture blog), you'll see that I like 98% of things M.I is in.

Andrea said...

I dont think amber rose is pregnant. Kim is an attention whore.

Repressed One said...

Kim did whaaaa?? LOL that heffa is 'tarded for real. She looks lopsided in that pic. DJ kinda looks like a brunette Ellen D

da heck is Amber wearing?

F said...

Anyone whose job description says "Real Housewives of..." or "socialite" ***cough**cough**Paris Hilton***cough doesn't deserve serious consideration. I think this is just a publicity stunt. The same way Ray J "went looking for love" on tv. Irrelevant people always look for ways to claw themselves into a TV screen near you.

All these deaths na wa o... As if Chile and Taiwan aren't enough... That little girl's case was the one that got to me sha (not saying anyone deserves to die prematurely, but mauled??? That's horrific).

Co-sign the Jill Scott comment. I absolutely adore that woman. She is talent personified. And she is not a stick. :) Amber is gorgeous but I really hope she isn't carrying a bun in the oven. Amber for a mama and Kanye for a daddy? That can't be good for the psychological well-being of any kid... Just saying...

Dark Neo said...

As per Amber Rose, she may just have had a cheeseburger. ....or four!!!!

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