Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some of my Best and Worst dressed from the Oscars

Hi guys just stopping by, feel free to share your thoughts.
I might not care much for the girl but I admit that I liked Miley Cyrus' dress.

I didn't care much for the David's Bridal material but overall I think she looked really good. Dress (or the spanx) gave her a nice silhouette.

WHen I first saw the dress on screen I was like what the hell? But I looked well and I usually hate white on the red carpet but I liked this. Glad Jlo is back cuz she has been having err moments fashion wise.

If nothing else, you have to admit this dress was bold. Vera Farmiga

Cute look for Cameron Diaz

Elizabeth Banks


All personal feelings aside, when will this woman realise that she is 40 and why does she always look bloated? She needs to know her body and dress accordingly.

I did not like this dress at all at all. Zoe Saldana

I'm really wondering what Charlize was thinking and why her stylist didn't talk her out of it.

Tattered Bronzed Mess, Mrs Kutcher

You can be pregnant and cute, this wasn't working for me, Paula Patton

The dress isn't terrible but I don't seem to love it as much as the fashionistas did.

She looked pretty but Monique has done much better in other award shows.

Gabourey Sidibe said: "If fashion was porn, this will be the money shot" as she twirled for the camera. What y'all think? Did her stylists finally get it right?

I like the color but this was not the business...

Look familiar? Looks like it was cut from the same cloth as Jlo's dress. Amanda Seyfried

Happy Wednesday yall.


Harry-Rami Itie said...

I agree with you on most of your choices but I kinda liked Zoe's dress..maybe it is cuz I am a guy

Issey, Alice, Uche said...

I concur but as for Gabourey...only a tent would fit....I like the dress but don't like the arm showing aspect..
Dunno y everyone keeps saying Mariah's age///shh!!!!!!

Reverence said...

i really liked Queen latifah's dress.

J-LO said her dress was iridescent pink? *scratches head*

Demi made best dressed on E! i also do not agree.
i have shoes the same color as Zoes dress. i mean down to the different shades of purple. i think it would have worked if the material were different.

CIL said...

I agree with everything but SJP... It was one of my faves... would totally rock it!

BBB said...

i loved zoeees dress
didnt see all the fuss in J-los own

Repressed One said...

*Like- not really feeling the mermaidy-fishy tail
*I know what you mean...the more i saw the more loved it...she rocked it
*The back was actually really nice IMO
*Love the top- not feeling the frilly bottom

I concur on all the worst dressed. Felt bad for Charlize sha. Hate SPJ's dress.

Gabby- they tried for her...that's all i can say. lol

F said...

J Lo was my favourite... I have no idea who the Fermiga lady is but I agree that the dress was bold. Not sure what Mariah was doing... Oh well, on the whole, the fashion was ok.

LucidLilith said...

I think Gabourey did well considering what she has to work with. Designers dont make dresses for plus sized women who need to get on the red carpet.

I like the Soe Saldana dress but I think the plummage was a tad overwhelming.

Moniques dress is cute but blue is not her color.

Charlize Theron's stlist should be fired.

Demi Mooore's dress is sooo cute but would look better on a black woman. As in darker skin. It washed her out completely.

Lara said...

Amanda's dress was from the same designers as JLo but prefer Jlos.
Sarah Jessica Parker just got it all wrong.
Mariah Carey has to realise she is no longer young and I agree she always seem bloated.
Zoe has to be chopping more food and she is also a no no for me.

doll said...

Gabourey Sidibe look for the oscars was off and maria does look bloated..i wonder y..i still luv u mami

Marisa Knudsen said...

*sigh* I have given up on Mariah Carey ever wearing anything nice. All that money and she continues to buy things that would have looked awesome at a middle school homecoming dance in 1998. And what a waste of a pair of Louboutins!

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